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Searching for shirts to hide belly fat is a challenge for many women. With so many clothing options available, there is surely a way to make your midsection look leaner and better. The keys to finding the best shirts to camouflage belly fat lie in balancing your figure and paying attention to fit.


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A V-neck shirt may seem too revealing at first but the truth is that this neckline works by pulling attention away from your midsection and toward your face. The same goes for a wrap top or a faux wrap top. The V-shaped neckline draws the eye upward. Wearing a statement necklace or large earrings accentuates this effect. Do make sure that you choose a wrap top with a tie or belt that is not too wide, too fussy or sits too low on your waist.


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A tunic-shaped top is a must-have in your closet. It is forgiving and flattering to your body. Choose one with some length in it, at least no shorter than the tops of your thighs. This will successfully conceal your belly. Remember that a cropped shirt only draws more attention to your midsection. A tunic paired with slim pants or even leggings is an effective look that can really highlight shapely legs.

Empire waist

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A top with an empire waist works very well for this shape. Any detail like banding or ruching that sits higher than your natural waist, just a little bit underneath your bust, puts emphasis on the most narrow part of your upper body. This shirt is especially effective because the higher waist also gives the illusion of longer legs. Choose a fabric that flows and has a fluid quality to it. This ensures that the rest of the shirt only gently skims your body rather than clings to it.

Additional Tips

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Other things to remember when choosing shirts for your shape are fabrics and prints. Smaller prints are better. Avoid anything too tight and clingy; some stretch and structure in the fabric can help in creating curves in your figure. Do remember that dark colors and a monochromatic outfit can make you look leaner. Consider investing in shapewear; it can give you curves and can make your clothes fit better. Aside from trying to camouflage your belly, try to think of parts of your body you wish to show off and highlight. Why not wear skinny pants for trim legs, a sleeveless shirt for lean arms or a halter top for strong shoulders?

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