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It is common to have your engagement ring and wedding band soldered together after your wedding day. Soldering uses heat from a jeweler’s torch to fuse the two rings together, which helps keep them aligned on your finger. But what if you want to separate them again? Don’t worry; soldering is a fully reversible process. You can get your rings unsoldered quickly with minimal risk. Take your jewelry back to the store where you bought it, if possible, and ask your jeweler for further advice.


Unsoldering wedding and engagement rings is done using a professional jeweler’s saw. The jeweler will carefully cut the rings apart. Once the rings have been separated, each must be filed and polished so they look new.

Reasons to Unsolder

The reasons for unsoldering rings are numerous. The rings may need to be resized, or you may wish to upgrade one or more of the rings. You may get tired of wearing two rings, or a new job may prevent you from wearing a solitaire. Nurses, for example, can’t wear rings that may scratch their patients. If you get divorced and want to sell your rings, it’s a good idea to get them unsoldered first.


Unsoldering rings is usually a fairly quick and easy process. Yet because bridal rings hold such high sentimental and monetary value, select a highly experienced jeweler to unsolder them to avoid any chance of damage to the rings.


Getting your rings soldered back together after having them unsoldered is just as easy, when done by a professional. Your soldered rings may have pulled apart, in which case the jeweler will need to unsolder them before resoldering them back into position. Jewelry is malleable, so there is no limit as to how many times rings can be soldered and unsoldered.