By Elise Stall

Jewelry repair shops can repair an engagement ring or broken ring band for you after an accident. Even without a severe accident to cause damage, ring bands are subject to everyday wear and tear and may be put under enough stress to cause breakage.

You need a professional to repair your ring band.

Delicate rings require professional repairs since most engagement rings feature intricate detail on the band and setting. To protect your ring from further damage or unwanted changes during repair, the financial worth and sentimental value of the ring should be taken into consideration by its owner before the mending process begins.

Step 1

Inspect your ring carefully before leaving it with the jeweler to be repaired. This will help ensure that your investment is protected if your ring is very valuable.

Step 2

Study any marks on the band's interior as well as the appearance of the stone. This will prevent a dishonest jewelers from switching your ring for a less valuable one in an attempt to scam you.

Step 3

Ideally, bring your broken ring band and all parts that may have fallen off to the same jeweler that produced and sold the ring. If this is impossible, take some time to search online for a reputable jeweler that specializes in delicate ring band repair or consult a friend or family member for a referral.

Step 4

Choose the jewelers that seem reputable and make a phone call to ask about their repair experience and any work that they have done with your particular type of metal or ring band style.

Step 5

Select the most appropriate jeweler that fits your needs to have your ring band repaired.

Step 6

Tell the jeweler as much information as possible about the situation, including the type of metal used in the ring, any imperfections, the incident that caused the damage, and any special considerations, such as a specific feature you would like to remain unchanged.

Step 7

Ask the jeweler about drawing up a copy with all of the ring's information, including all details that are to be unchanged, to reinforce the protection and handling of the ring.

Step 8

Inspect the ring very carefully after it has been returned from repair. Gauge the quality of the repair to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of the ring band repair and everything has been restored or left intact according to your specifications.