Can Sterling Silver Rings be Resized?

By Ivy Morris

While gold and platinum rings are the go-to choices for fine jewelry because they are durable metals known for standing the test of time, sterling silver rings can be just as beautiful and last for many years, even though sterling silver is a soft and delicate metal. Because it is a soft metal, resizing a sterling silver ring can present problems. Depending on your ring's style and history, a qualified jeweler may be able to resize your ring.

Heating up a ring
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A jeweler resizing a silver ring.

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Resizing Do's and Don'ts

If you have a simple sterling silver band that needs to be sized up or down one or two sizes, a jeweler can likely do the resizing. Sterling silver can be resized just the one time, so if you inherited grandma's antique ring and she already had it resized, it's unlikely a jeweler will risk the structural integrity of the metal to size it again. If a ring needs to be resized more than two sizes, doing so might weaken the metal, causing it to lose shape or break. Sterling silver rings with stones, such as those beloved birthstone rings from childhood, can usually be resized by one or two sizes, depending on the placement of the stones. Rings with decorative patterns around the band cannot be resized.