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Gold jewelry is a popular item to sell, and its value is determined in part by weight. Determining the weight of a gold ring can be tricky because the ring is often made of other materials as well as gold.

Weight of Gold

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Gold is weighed in ounces. A gold ring would be about three to seven ounces depending on the amount of actual gold in the ring, although individual rings could weigh significantly more or less. You can have your gold weighed at a jewelry store that buys gold jewelry.


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Gold is categorized by karats. There are 24 karat units in gold jewelry. If a piece of jewelry is 24-karat gold, it is pure gold. If it is 14-karat gold, then 14 parts are gold and 10 parts are something else such as copper. Karats measure purity, not weight.


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Carats should not be confused with karats. Carats are a unit of measurement of the size of diamonds and other gemstones. Carats are not related to gold and precious metals.

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