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Threader earrings, which are designed for pierced ears, are distinct from all other types of earrings. They are composed of a length of fine chain, often made of silver, gold or another alloy. One end of the chain is smoothly attached to a metal post, while the other end often features a decorative component, such as a heart-shaped charm. Unlike other earrings, threader earrings are worn so that the fine chain portion is inserted through the hole in the earlobe; the post, along with some of the chain, dangles behind the earlobe, and the rest hangs in front of it.

Clean the threader earrings before inserting them into your ear. Doing so will prevent any irritation or infection. Wipe the posts and the chains of the threader earrings with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Allow the earring to dry.

Grasp a threader earring by its post.

Align the tip of the post with the hole in your earlobe into which you want to push the threader earring. Hold the post so that it is perpendicular to your body. Let the chain portion of the earring fall at a right angle to the post.

Push the post gently into the hole in your earlobe. Stop pushing when the post is about halfway through your earlobe. Move your hand so you are grasping the post from a position behind your earlobe, not in front of it. Note that in a subsequent step you will pull the post through your earlobe from behind rather than push it from the front.

Lift the chain portion of the earring up with your other hand so it is no longer hanging at a right angle to the post but on the same plane with the post.

Grasp the portion of the post that is emerging on the backside of your earlobe. Pull the post all the way through the hole. Keep the chain portion of the chain lifted up so it is in line with the hole in your earlobe and can slide through with ease. Continue to grasp the post and keep pulling gently, allowing about half of the chain portion of the earring to pass through the hole in your earlobe.

Let go of the post. Verify that the post and about half the chain portion of the earring are dangling behind your earlobe and that the remaining half of the chain portion and the decorative component are dangling in front.

Repeat this process to insert the second threader earring.


Choose threader earrings that are labeled “hypoallergenic” if your skin is sensitive to nickel. Hypoallergenic jewelry is nickel-free.