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A cross is a religious symbol that represents your faith. Many people enjoy wearing rings with crosses on them so that they can have a reminder of their faith and religion at all times. Both men and women can wear cross rings, and some people choose to wear them as a purity ring, to symbolize that they are saving themselves for marriage. A cross ring can also be worn as a simple fashion accessory.

Clean your cross ring thoroughly to remove any tarnish. Because a cross ring symbolizes your faith, it should be properly cleaned and polished as a matter of respect.

Turn the ring so that the cross faces you, with the shorter part of the cross furthest away from your body. This way, the cross will be right side up when you look down at your hands.

Wear your cross ring on any finger you choose. Wearing it on your right ring finger means that you&#039;re saving yourself for your future husband or wife in the name of your faith.