How to Keep Wedding Rings Together

By Helen Holzer

Like a never-ending circle, a ring's circular shape has long symbolized eternal love. The token is given at a wedding ceremony as a promise, but you never counted on your wedding rings slipping and sliding all over your finger. The rings may have fit perfectly when you were wed, but due to weight loss or change in the size of your fingers due to weather fluctuations, your rings will not stay together. If you're constantly fidgeting with your engagement and wedding rings, options are available to keep wedding rings together forever or temporarily.

A wedding ring set can be tricky to keep in place.

Step 1

Purchase a set with an interlocking piece that connects the engagement and wedding rings. Wear the rings together or separately, because the interlocking piece connecting the two rings is separate and not permanently attached.

Step 2

Look for a wrap-around wedding band. Wrap-around rings fit over and around the engagement ring creating a one-piece look. The wrap-around portion can be bought as a set or separately later on. Most engagement rings can be accommodated by this style. The wrap-around wedding band can easily be removed from the engagement band or soldered permanently into place.

Step 3

Add a ring guard to each of your wedding rings. Choose metal or plastic guards that insert as a bar into the bottom of the ring to protect the edges of the ring and also make it snug so the ring won't move, holding the rings together.

Step 4

Buy ring adjusters that instantly make your rings smaller and can attach two rings together. This economical solution of small plastic attachments can be adjusted after the rings are on your finger, which works well for those with enlarged knuckles.

Step 5

Solder your wedding rings together for a permanent solution. Take your rings to the jeweler so the rings can be soldered using the same material of your ring. Be aware that your rings may fit more snugly afterward because the band is now thicker, so you may need to slightly increase the size of the rings.