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Part of the fun of wearing bangles is the way they slide up and down your arm as you move about. While you're walking, the bangles will slide down to your wrists. Unfortunately, if you have very small wrists, the bangles can slide completely off and go over your hands. That doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing bangles. In fact, you have four different ways you can keep your bangles on and still look stylish.

Get adjustable bangles. Some companies now sell wire bangles that allow you to squeeze them so that they're tighter around your wrists. The bangle overlaps itself as you squeeze it. While the overlap is visible to you, other people won't notice it. You can get a whole set of adjustable bangles and only adjust the one that's on your wrist. This way, the rest of the bangles will slide back and forth and the wrist bangle will stop them from sliding over your wrist.

Get one small bangle. You can wear large bangles on your arm, but put on a small one last. The smaller bangle will fit more closely to the wrist and prevent the other bangles from sliding off. The difference in size won’t be that noticeable because the wrist is smaller than the arm, so the smaller bangle still can move like the other bangles.

Wear a cuff bracelet. You can create your own look by wearing a cuff bracelet that's a similar color to your bangles. Put the bangles on your arm and slide them up away from the wrist. Put a cuff bracelet around your wrist and squeeze it so that it's tight. Now your row of bangles will end in a cuff bracelet that will keep the bangles from sliding over your wrist.