Some people prefer clip-on earrings to pierced ones. Sometimes it's because their holes have closed up or have gotten infected or maybe they never got their ears pierced to begin with. So what do you do when a beautiful pair of pierced earrings catches your eye, but you know you can't wear them? Turn them into clip-ons.

Take a trip to your local craft store. If it's a good one, it will have an aisle full of jewelry making kits and materials. Here you will find clip-on backs and converters for dangle earrings or for making regular clip-ons. Some are also available online (see Resources below).

Change over a dangle earring by using clip-on converters that have a small extra hoop in front. Buy a small pair of pliers (there are ones made especially for use with jewelry) and carefully pry the hoop apart and place your charm from your pierced earring on it and close the hoop.

Convert a regular pierced earring (with a post) by using a clip-on converter that has a small tube on the hinged back. Simply slide the post into the top of tube and then gently bend the post forward so that the earring faces out. This will only work with larger pierced earrings; studs are too small and the converter will be noticeable. Make sure the post is secure to the back of the earring before you bend it.

Purchase the "hoop" clip-on earring. This product, found online (see Resources below) is a thin metal hoop that can you can hang any charms on to create a pierced look. The beauty in this is that you can make your own, with just the right color and style to match that new evening dress.

Buy an adhesive clip-on converter. This requires you to remove the post from earring (use small pliers) and place a clip-on back with an adhesive tab in its place. This product can also be found online.

Go magnetic. If the pierced earrings you want to convert are made of metal, a magnetic clip-on back may work wonders. Go online to find these specialty items.


  • If you plan on wearing clip-ons for an extended period of time, you may want to also buy cushion pads. Some clip-on backs come with pads attached.

  • Converting post earrings to clip-ons can be especially helpful for people with arthritis or limited dexterity in their fingers.