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There are a large variety of earrings that have leverbacks. They have curved ear wires that secure the earring in place. Leverback earrings are a good accessory for any fashion statement. They click in and are easy to wear. Leverbacks are sturdy and stylish, and are usually attached to dangling earrings.

Leverback History


As early as 300 BC ancient Greeks were using emeralds, amethysts and pearls to make earrings. Greek earrings were similar to leverbacks. They had a curved wire that attached to the earring. They are often referred to as key earrings or snap-back earrings.

Leverback Earrings

A leverback is the enclosure of an earring. They are made for pierced ears. The back is often curved like a fish hook. The enclosure bends and latches behind the ear.


Diamond earrings with leverbacks are popular. The leverback protects the earring from falling off the ear. Hoop earrings often come with a leverback enclosure. They can be made of silver, gold, wire or plastic. The most common leverback earrings are gold.


Leverback earrings are hard to lose. Purchasing an expensive pair can be worth the money because of the added security of the leverback enclosure. These earrings create a beautiful dangle appearance and can be simple and elegant at the same time.


Wearing a stud leverback will show a piece of metal going around your earlobe. Leverback earrings also take a little longer to put on. Cheap leverbacks can sometimes spring open and poke your ear, causing pain.