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Earrings have been adornments for thousands of years for young and old, male and female. They are one of the most versatile accessories around and can transform a person’s look in seconds. But for those with thick earlobes, finding earrings that fit might seem like an insurmountable challenge. Take heart. Fashionable options abound to adorn the lovely lobe, even if it’s not on the slender side.

Keep It Simple

For those who like studs or button-earrings, try clip-on earrings, extra-long post earrings or magnetic earrings. Clip-on earrings feature a decorative front with a hinged clip and are the only choice for those without pierced ears. The clip tension can easily be adjusted with a ruler or coin. Extra-long post earrings easily accommodate thicker earlobes. Magnetic earrings have no posts and can be worn higher up on the ear for an edgy look and easily accommodate thicker earlobes.

Hoops, Cuffs and More

Post-free hoops, ear cuffs and post-and-clip earrings are also good choices for those with thicker earlobes. Post-free hoops sport hidden, spring-activated closures that “hug” the earlobe, pierced or not. Ear cuffs fit snugly on the ear's edge and not the earlobe. They're easily adjusted by squeezing in or pulling the cuff apart. Post-and-clip earrings combine a traditional earring post and a hinged wire clip that snaps over the post for a secure fit.

Unique Styles

Lever-backs, kidney-hooks, threaders and French hooks are ideal for thicker earlobes. Lever-backs feature a fixed hook with a hinged back. Kidney-hook earrings are oval wire loops that fasten at the bottom with a tiny hook. Threaders are backless chains that pass through the pierced ear via a smooth metal back pin, and French hooks are long, elegant, backless wire hooks that hang freely from the earlobe without a closure.

For Security’s Sake

Look for specific earring closures to accommodate thicker earlobes, prevent damage and earring loss. Earrings can be secured by post backs with rubber grommets or donuts that “grasp” the post securely. Closures for heavy earrings have plastic discs that support the back of the earlobe and prevent sagging. Many vintage earrings sport "screw-back" posts and closures or u-shaped backs with screw-back closures. La poussette backs have pressure-activated clutches that grasp the earring post.