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Stretch bracelets are a great alternative to fixed-size bracelets because they can fit anybody. You can customize them by restringing the bracelet. In addition, they are great for everyday wear because you don't have to worry about ruining them. You can restring a stretch bracelet when it's starting to show signs of wear. Using elastic stretch string from the craft store and a needle, you can re-string your stretch bracelet to look and fit like new.

Lay a towel on a flat surface. This will create a better work surface for you while you're restringing your bracelet's beads. The towel will allow the beads to stay in place instead of rolling off of your surface.

Unstring your original stretch bracelet. Separate two of the beads so that you can see the elastic between them. Stretch enough of the elastic out so that you can fold the string to create a loop between the two beads. Using one hand, pinch the loop between your thumb and index finger. With your other hand, use scissors to cut the tip of the elastic loop. Hold one end in each hand. Do not let the elastic go, or it will contract and cause all of the beads to fall. Place the string of beads flat on the table and slowly release your hands. Some beads may slide off of the elastic, but keep them in the same order. Start at one end, and take one bead off at a time. Place the beads in a row, in the same order, on your towel.

Thread a needle with elastic stretch string. You can find elastic string at any craft store. Cut about 7 inches of elastic. Having a lot of extra string to work with will make the beads easier to arrange. Thread the elastic string onto a thin needle. Leave about 2 inches of elastic folded over so that the elastic won't slide out of the needle while you're working.

Tape the bottom end of the elastic to the edge of your work surface. This will make it easier for you to string your beads without losing them off the other end. Place one bead at a time through the needle and down onto the elastic string. Let the bead fall to the end of the elastic. Continue stringing all the beads in the same order that you had placed them on the towel earlier.

Remove the needle and the tape from each end of the elastic. Tie the two ends of the elastic in a sturdy knot. Hold each end with one hand and tie the two ends together, tightening the elastic so that the bead on each end of the bracelet touches each other. Double-knot the ends together and cut off the excess elastic string.