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Du-rags are cloths used to cover the head. Motorcycle riders wear them to save their hair from wind. Other people wear them everyday to avoid tangling or messing up their hair styles. Du-rags are most commonly made out of smooth fabrics such as silk, rayon or polyester. However, a du-rag can be made from other types of fabric, including cotton bandannas. While du-rags can be purchased in many stores, their styles are usually limited to solid colors. Making a du-rag with a bandanna allows you to express your own personal style.

Buy a bandanna that fits your personal style, or use one that you already have. Bandannas can be purchased at most drug stores and department stores.

Hold two opposite corners of the bandanna and fold it in half, making a triangle. If you have a larger head, fold the bandanna less than halfway.

Place the folded part of the bandanna against your forehead while continuing to hold the two opposite corners. Pull the two corners tightly around your head, meeting in the back and overlapping the third corner of the bandanna.

Tie the two corners together, and tie them a second time to assure the knot won't come undone.


To remove the du-rag, don't untie the knot; simply slide it off of your head. This will make it easier to put back on.

You can create your own bandanna out of a square piece of fabric.