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Riding in a convertible is thrilling and exciting. Movies often portray characters riding joyously along a beautiful highway with every hair in place. Unfortunately, if you have longer hair, it blows in your face and every other direction possible, which can be painful and dangerous when blocking your view. With a few simple techniques, you can secure your hair while riding in a convertible.

Find a scarf that is made of silk or a similar type of thin material. The size of your scarf should be a large square or rectangle.

Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle.

Place the scarf on your head with the bottom, flat part of the triangle aligned with your forehead and the two long ends of the triangle in each hand.

Bring both ends of the triangle to the back of your neck under your hair. Pull both ends tight and tie them in a secure knot.

Use a long scarf, and leave the ends loose after tying it in a knot to create a sophisticated look.

Pull your hair back using a rubber band and wear it in a ponytail.

Gather your hair in one hand at the back of your head. Open a rubber band in your other hand and pull your hair through at least twice to secure your hair tightly.

Keep in mind that although your hair is secured in a pony tail, your hair may possibly still blow into your face and eyes if you have long hair.

Create a bun by putting your hair in a pony tail and wrapping your hair in a circular motion around the rubber band.

Secure the end of your hair by pushing it under the rubber band once you have wrapped all of your hair around the rubber band.

Use a few bobby pins to create extra hold. Push bobby pins throughout the entire bun to equally secure all angles of the bun.


Finish your look with a pair of sunglasses to not only add style but protect your eyes during your ride.