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Turbans are traditionally known for their popularity in middle eastern cultures. However, the turban is emerging as a fashion trend for both men and women throughout the United States and European countries. Traditional turbans are created using long scarves, but you can create your own fashionable headdress using a long-sleeved shirt.

Choose a long-sleeved shirt. Shirts that are made from T-shirt material or flexible cotton blends will work best. You can choose any color shirt you like.

Place the shirt on top of your head with the neck opening facing down toward the back of your neck. The body of the shirt should be resting on the top of your head and the bottom of the shirt should be hanging over or around your face.

Grab a hold of the sleeves and pull them forward toward your head. Cross the sleeves in the center of your head and them take them to the back of your head and tie them in a simple knot.

Tuck the sleeve ends that are hanging out of your knot under the back part of the turban near your neck. Also, tuck any excess fabric that may be hanging in your face into the top of the turban where the sleeves cross in the front.