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Wave caps help keep your hair in place while you sleep and protect it from the drying effects of your cotton pillow. To stay in place during all of your tossing and turning, wave caps must fit snugly. Unfortunately, this often means that the seam of the wave cap leaves a line in the middle of your forehead -- a line that can stay conspicuously in place hours after you go out in public.

Fold the silk scarf horizontally until it's roughly 1 inch wide.

Tie the scarf around your forehead horizontally over the area where the wave cap's band usually sits.

Put your wave cap on as usual. The scarf will cushion your forehead and prevent the wave cap from making lines.


If the band is too thick, it may impede the wave cap's ability to hold your hair down. If this happens, cut the scarf down until it's thick enough to prevent a line but thin enough to allow the wave cap to secure your hair.

If your wave cap's band numbs your forehead, it's much too tight. Find a bigger size or loosen the tie. If you forget to tie your scarf and your wave cap leaves a line, remove it by deeply rubbing the line with your fingers in circular movements until it fades or goes away.

Silk scarfs are the best to use because they won't dry or move your hair when in place. In a pinch, cotton scarfs will work.