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If you've spent an hour getting your curls to look just right, the last thing you want to see when you look out the window is a gray, drizzly day. To combat the elements and keep frizz at bay while keeping your curls intact, use humidity-fighting hair products and shield your 'do from the wet weather.

Protect Your Hair from the Elements

Liberally apply a non-aerosol hairspray to your hair after you have finished styling your hair with hot rollers, styling wand, or curling iron. Hold the can eight inches from your head and mist your curls with the spray. Use an alcohol-free spray if you can; alcohol will dry out your hair and make it more prone to frizz in rainy weather. Look for sprays formulated with silicone or labeled "anti-humidity." These formulas can help create an invisible barrier between the hair shaft and the atmosphere.

Cover your curls with the loose-fitting hood of your jacket before you go outside. Make sure you don't wear a hat or tight-fitting hood, as these will compromise the form of the curls and undo all your hard work. Use an umbrella to further shield your hair from the rain and humidity. Spend as little time in the rain as possible.

Avoid touching your curls. Over-handling your curls will make them fall faster and can also create frizz. Once you have styled, clipped and set your hair, there's no further need to fuss with it.