fashionable round bracelet on white background.

When worn regularly, or during strenuous activities, beaded bracelets can snap or break. This is especially true of cheaper jewelry. If you haven’t made a significant investment in a piece of jewelry, it is probably not worth the cost of having it repaired professionally. But before you toss your broken bracelet into the trash, gather up the pieces and try some of these tips and techniques for repairing it yourself. With a few simple craft supplies you might be able to put your beaded bracelet back together easily.

As soon as the bracelet breaks, make sure you haven’t lost any of its parts. Save all the pieces in a sealed zip-top bag. Store the bag in a safe place until you are ready to repair the bracelet.

Examine the broken bracelet to determine which part needs to be replaced. If the string snapped, you will need new elastic or wire. If the clasp broke, the clasp might be the only part you will need to replace. If beads fell off, examine the pieces you saved to determine whether any beads or charms are missing.

Purchase replacement pieces for the parts of the bracelet that are broken. A craft-supply store should have a selection of jewelry wires and elastics as well as clasps and other fasteners. If you are missing beads, don’t try to find an exact match, as this can be nearly impossible. Instead, look for contrasting beads that you can work into the design of the bracelet to make up for those that are missing. Take a sample bead with you to make sure you purchase the correct size.

Restring your beads onto the new wire or elastic if the previous piece snapped. Experiment with different designs and patterns if you would like to give your bracelet a new look. Now is the perfect time to freshen the piece up a bit.

Attach the clasp or fastener pieces to either end of the bracelet. If you are working with wire, bend the wire around into a circular shape with pliers and hang the fastener on this. If you are working with elastic, double-knot the elastic around the fastener and thread the tail of the elastic back through the first few beads on either end of the bracelet.


  • If your broken jewelry is an expensive, quality piece, you might want to send it to a professional for repair.