How to Remove Links From a Movado Band

By Stephen A. Powell

If you own a Movado watch that does not fit properly, you can adjust the band size by removing links. Removing links from your Movado band on your own can be a less expensive alternative to retailer and factory service costs.

Movado watch

Step 1

Approximate how many links need be removed to fit your wrist. Pinch the excess links together until the band fits as desired. Count the links drawn together by your pinch.

Step 2

Identify what type of release your links require. Look at the back of your watch where the links connect. Check the back of your watch for a screw release or a push release.

Step 3

Unscrew or push the first pin fastening the first link you want to remove. Push the fastening pin until it either slides out completely or temporarily recoils. Repeat this step for the last pin fastening the last link you want to remove.

Step 4

Reconnect the band by sliding one of the removed pins through the holes in your links. If your links spring load, recoil the pin and slide it into the appropriate hole.

Step 5

Tug gently at the band to assure that your links are connected properly before wearing the watch.