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Generally, watch bands come in two varieties: leather or imitation leather, or metal based, such as sterling silver. Watch bands made of leather or imitation leather can be stretched. These materials are more pliable and more responsive to stimuli that cause them to bend, contract, expand and ultimately stretch. A sterling silver or aluminum watch band will simply bend or warp if you try to stretch it. Thus, if a leather band is too tight, you need not suffer nor do you need to buy a new watch band. You can easily elongate the band at home without buying any special products or tools.

Remove the watch band from the watch.

Wrap a the actual time piece in a small piece of plastic wrap. Put it in a safe place, such as a jewelry box.

Fill a basin with warm water. Immerse the watch band in the warm water.

Pull, twist, roll and knead the watch band gently while it is submerged to make sure that it absorbs all the water and is becoming more pliable. Continue this process for three to five minutes.

Allow the watchband to remain underwater for at least 10 minutes.

Remove the watchband from the water. Shake it off so that it is no longer dripping wet.

Reattach the watch band to the timepiece. Keep the plastic wrap on the actual watch piece to protect it from any water still on the band.

Put the watch immediately on your wrist for a custom fit. Bend and flex your wrist so that the band continues to stretch and adapt to your size. Alternatively, fasten the band around something larger than your wrist, such as a can of soup.