Man replacing watch battery with tools
Norasit Kaewsai/iStock/GettyImages

Emporio Armani AR0264 watches are designer models, but like all other watches its battery will not last forever. Many people are under the false impression that these watches require special tools proprietary to Armani. However, to perform simple tasks such as battery replacement, the standard watch maker tools work fine. Armani watches do seem to be better sealed than some brands, but that simply requires more force to remove the back plate.

Place the watch face down on the leather square or glove to protect the face. Rotate the watch to locate the small indentation on the back plate.

Grip the watch with the leather square or glove in one hand and insert the edge of the watch case opener or bench knife. Pry the back plate off of the watch. This requires a significant amount of force. Twist the watch as you pry and eventually you will feel a "pop," at which point the back plate will come off easily.

Remove the battery from its holder with the plastic tweezers. Take note of which way the battery is facing.

Clean the edges of the watch with the scratch brush to remove any dirt and scratches present. Brush away from the interior of the watch to keep the components clean.

Insert the new battery with the plastic tweezers. The battery must be facing the proper direction to work.

Pull the time adjustment crown to extend the stem. Place the groove in the back plate over the stem and push the back plate into the watch until it is firmly in place. Use a watch press to make this step easier if possible.