Gold watch with a leather strap on a female hand

Avon sells a variety of watch styles ranging from everyday watches to sporty and dress watches. Most of the Avon watches use a Quartz mechanism to keep time. According to the Science Channel, Quartz is used in watches because it forces the watch to keep precise time. The watch battery sends an electric signal to the piece of Quartz, causing it to vibrate and emit its own electric pulses to drive the watch mechanism. These pulses are emitted at a constant rate, making sure each click of the second hand moves at the same interval as the previous click.

Remove your watch from the box and try it on your wrist. The watch should fit snugly to your wrist without being too tight. Some Avon watches have adjustable leather straps with a buckle closure, so if they are too loose or too tight, you can punch additional holes in the leather to make it fit correctly. If your Avon watch has links, the instruction booklet advises you take the watch to a jeweler to have links added or removed.

Pull out the crown of the watch to set the time. Standard styles of Avon watches do not have calendars or date windows, so the crown only has an open and closed position. Pulling the crown out away from the face of the watch puts the crown in the open position. When the crown is open, you can turn the wheel on the crown to adjust the time.

Turn the crown clockwise to make the hands move forward, and turn the crown counter-clockwise to make the hands move backward. Carefully adjust the crown until the correct time shows on the face of the watch. Push the crown back in to the closed position. You should hear a click when the crown is closed.

Clean the watch using a damp cloth with a mild soap and water mixture to remove dirt and oil. If dirt and grime is caught between the links of the watch, use an old, clean toothbrush or toothpick to gently scrape away the dirt.

Change the battery in the watch by taking it to a jeweler. Avon's watch instruction manual says the battery included with the watch should last over one year. The manual says when the battery dies, take the watch to a jeweler to replace the battery as soon as possible so the dead battery does not damage your watch.