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Magnetic purse closures are common on many purses and are used by manufacturers at all price points. Unfortunately, sometimes magnetic closures become damaged, shift and do not line up properly or need repair or replacement. With care, you can fix the magnetic snaps on your favorite purse easily and inexpensively.

Measure the broken or damaged magnetic closure on your purse. You can buy replacement magnetic purse closures at fabric and craft stores. If the closure has broken or otherwise come off the purse, take it with you to ensure an exact or close-as-possible match.

Remove the damaged purse closure if it hasn't already come off your purse. Slide a flathead screwdriver under the magnetic snap. Pry the snap upward slightly. Look closely and you will see two prongs folded through openings in the magnetic snap backing. Use pliers to loosen these prongs and detach the snap. Repeat for the opposite half of the magnetic purse closure.

Make a small slit in the fabric. Choose a spot near the purse snap, which makes it easy to hide the slit. Cut into the fabric and remove the snap backing for both the male and female halves of the snap.

Slide the new magnetic snap backing through the slit in the fabric and into the original snap position. Line up the openings in the magnetic snap backing with the correct purse closure position. Place the top half of the snap on top, threading the two metal tabs through the openings in the backing. Fold the two tabs securely into place. Repeat for the opposite half of the snap.

Hand-sew the slit in the fabric using small, neat stitches.


  • Replace both halves of the snap for the best results when you fix magnetic purse closures.

  • Take valuable, vintage or irreplaceable purses to a good tailor or dry cleaner for repair.