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If you have ever worked with hemp before, you know how easily it can fray and suddenly entirely unravel just upon finishing the last stitch. Hemp bracelets and necklaces will often fall apart if the cord ends are not finished and knotted off properly. Professional jewelers who create hemp bracelets and necklaces use wax to seal off the hemp. With a little bit of time and patience, you can do this same process at home to ensure that your hemp jewelry will not fall off or come undone.

Finish the last stitch of your hemp bracelet or necklace.

Gather all of the strings together and use the scissors to cut them so that they are all the same length. Leave at least an inch of string.

Rub a thin coat of beeswax on the cord ends of the hemp. Take each individual strand of hemp and pull the wax alongside the strand, coating it evenly on all sides. Do this with all the strands and then press the strands back together so that they form a thick coil of cord ends.

Tie off the hemp strands with a knot. Tighten the knot.

Rub a little bit more wax on the knot - not enough so that the hemp becomes heavily waxed, but just enough so that it is lightly coated.

Cut off any miscellaneous strings that are sticking out of the knot.