Dreadlocks must be maintained regularly in order to retain their tight configuration. Regular waxing of dreads can be done by putting beeswax on the dreadlocks. You should use a small amount at a time to avoid coating the hair in too much wax. Waxing should only be done periodically to avoid sticky, waxy hair. Using products such as dreadlock specific wax is recommended, but it is also possible to put beeswax in dreadlocks in a similar fashion.

Scoop out a small amount of beeswax, approximately two grams.

Roll the beeswax between your palms to soften and warm the wax until it is pliable and spreadable. Since beeswax is a harder wax than many commercial dread waxes this may take extra time.

Beginning at the root and working in a single direction, roll the top three inches of the dreadlock in the wax.

Gather more wax, warm, and repeat until each part of the dread has been waxed.


  • Alternative products, such as spray-on dread tightener, may be used instead of waxes.