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Small wrists can make wearing certain trendy accessories nearly impossible. For children and smaller-framed adults, bracelets can be far too large, and if they lack a clasp, seemingly non-adjustable. One example is the ever-popular rubber bracelet trend. With endless choices in color, design and message, these accessories can be seen everywhere, and you want to be included. Without cutting, and with almost no supplies, you can finally adjust your favorite rubber bracelet to fit your wrist.

Place the bracelet on your wrist.

Pinch the excess rubber material between your index finger and thumb to test how small you would like to make the bracelet. Note that it should be loose enough to allow proper circulation but tight enough so it will not fall off your wrist.

Remove the bracelet and wrap one hair elastic around a small portion of the excess bracelet material, as you would on a ponytail. Place the elastic carefully as to ensure any writing or design will still be visible when you are wearing the bracelet.

Wrap the elastic around multiple times to tighten it, if needed. Make sure to leave a large enough opening in the bracelet so you can put it back on over your hand.

Put the bracelet on. If needed, tuck your thumb into your palm to make your hand smaller.

Slide the elastic band down the excess material until the bracelet is the right size.

Turn the bracelet on your wrist so the excess material hangs down off your wrist with the top of the bracelet facing up.

Fold the excess material against the remaining portion of the bracelet. Again, avoid folding over any writing or design, if possible.

Slide the second elastic band between your wrist and the bracelet, where the folded material is flush to the bracelet.

Tuck one half of the elastic through the other half and pull up to cinch the elastic around the bracelet. Tuck any excess elastic under the bracelet to keep it out of sight.

Monitor your circulation to ensure you did not make the bracelet too tight. If you see swelling or start to feel numbness or tingling in your fingers, loosen the bracelet immediately.