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Yurman bracelets are part of the jewelry collection designed and sold by jeweler David Yurman. His bracelet collection contains a large number of cuff style bracelets, some bangles and an assortment of loose chain bracelets. To fit a bracelet properly, the jewelry industry uses some universal standards of measurement. A closure type bracelet and a bangle bracelet should measure 1/2 inch larger than your wrist. Cuffs might not be offered in different sizes because a cuff can be shaped to fit most wrists.

Measure your wrist with a fabric tape measure. This soft tape measure will easily bend around your wrist for an accurate measurement.

Determine your correct bracelet size when bracelets are listed as small, medium or large, such as Yurman cuff or bangle style bracelets. Women's wrist sizes 7 inches or less are small size. Women's wrist sizes 7 to 8 inches are medium. Wrist sizes of 8 or more inches are large. Men's wrist sizes 8 inches or less are small, 8 to 9 inches are medium, and 9 inches or more are large.

Measure a Yurman closure-style bracelet by opening and laying the bracelet flat. Find the pusher opening hole on one end of the bracelet. Locate the middle of the pusher on the other end of the bracelet. The distance between these two points is an accurate measurement of the bracelet. For other types of closure styles, you should measure from the spots where the closures rest when closed.


A bracelet should be loose enough to feel comfortable, but snug enough to feel secure.