legs of a young girl and anklet ankle

Ankle bracelets, also referred to as anklets, can be very alluring and enthralling on a woman. Depending on the individual lady, her attire, makeup and charisma, the bracelet can be viewed as a beautiful piece of jewelry enhancing her appearance or it can also be viewed as an adornment which makes her look tawdry and flamboyant. Whatever an individual's opinions may be, ankle bracelets are trendy accessories in personal jewelry collections drawing attention to a woman's ankle area.


The graceful beauty of a woman's foot has been lauded in history and literature for centuries. Ankle bracelets have been worn by married women in India with toe rings and saris for hundreds of years. The anklets became fashionable in the United States during the late 20th century. The jewelry is very popular among women, particularly when warm weather allows women to wear shorter and looser clothing.

Left or Right?

There is no rule of thumb for whether a bracelet is worn on the left or right ankle. The anklet can be worn on either ankle; however, the majority of women wear them on the right. It is believed this probably occurs simply because most people are right handed. One guideline, however, is that ankle bracelets should never be worn with nylons.


In the workplace, jewelry accessories should complete a woman's professional look, not create a distraction. Many believe ladies should wear one earring per ear regardless of how many piercings she may have, one ring per hand, a watch, bracelet and necklace. Earrings should be conservative and small, bracelets should not make noise, and extravagant or costume jewelry should be avoided.


Numerous ankle bracelet styles are fashionable to a diverse group of women. An anklet's design can be a very dainty chain with a small adornment or can also be large, chunky, beaded or woven. For every woman, there is an ankle bracelet that can add zest and excitement, making her look and feel special. This simple piece of jewelry can bring an air of confidence to a women's appearance.


There are no formal etiquette rules concerning women and their personal decisions regarding ankle bracelets. However, a lady should be mindful of her appearance in the workplace.