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Hats have changed style in the fashion scene throughout the history of couture, but one decorative feature has remained consistent: the feather. Creating your own feathered hat -- by attaching a few colorful feathers to a favorite piece of headgear-- is simple and easy, and can be done by various methods.

Hot Glue

Plug in a hot glue gun and allow it to heat up. Place a piece of paper underneath the glue gun to catch excess glue that may drip from the tip of the gun.

Arrange the feathers on your hat to get an idea of where you want them to be. You may choose to place a couple of feathers on the side of your hat for a sophisticated look. Or, you can arrange the feathers on the front, where the brim meets the rise of the hat. Remove the feathers once you know how you want to arrange them.

Holding the feather in one hand, trail a thin line of glue along the rachis on the feather. This is the hard part in the middle of the feather. Don't go all the way up; just draw the line up to the point where the feather is going to be laying against the hat.

Place the feather on the hat. Hold it in place for a full minute. Let go and repeat the same process with your other feathers.

Hat Pin

Choose the type of hat pin you wish to use on your hat. You can find hat pins in department stores, online or you can make your own using craft supplies. Some are jeweled, others are simply metal. Hold it up to your hat to make sure you like the way the pin looks with your hat.

Gather the feathers you want to attach to your hat. Arrange them on the hat to your liking. This may take a few tries before you get them just right. Hold the feathers into place.

Open up the hat pin with your free hand. Insert the pin into the hat, next to the shaft of the feathers. Bring it back through the hat on the other side of the feather shafts.

Close the pin. Check to make sure your feathers are secure. You may need to use more than one pin if you are attaching several feathers to your hat. The weight and number of feathers can cause them to fall over, or the a single pin may not be enough to attach all the feathers you wish to attach.


Use caution to avoid burns when operating a glue gun.