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Draw attention to a stylish short haircut without messing it up by correctly wearing a headband. Headbands are fabric loops often backed with elastic and large enough to go all the way around the head. The function of a headband is to keep hair and sweat from getting in the wearer's eyes. They may also be worn as a non-functioning fashion accessory for those with short hair who are not sweating. Apply a comfortable headband to your noggin to add a stylish touch quickly to a short hairdo.

Brush the short hair back away from the face in a style that you find pleasing. You may wish to use any variety of styling products to achieve the look you are going for or skip them all together. Select a thin headband to go with short hair and hold it next to the outfit it will be worn with to make sure the colors match or complement each other.

Spread the headband and hold it, so it is just above where the ears are and parallel to the hairline. Tilt the position of the headband up and down to rest below or above the hairline until you like the way it looks.

Release the headband, so it falls into place in the position you have chosen. Some headbands are open-ended and need to be tied in the back to keep them from sliding. You may also choose to use small hair clips if there is enough hair to attach the headband.


Styling products may accumulate on a headband and give it a soiled appearance. Hand wash headbands in a mild detergent after they have been worn


.Headbands with built-in combs are often too spiky to be worn by those with short hair without causing pain and scalp irritation.