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Headbands are super cute accessories to add a pop of color and youthfulness to your look. They work with all hair types and are a chic way to pull hair up and away from the face. But sometimes they slip and slide out of place, which defeats the purpose. A few simple tricks can keep any a headband perfectly secure.

Bobby Pins

Use bobby pins to hold softer headbands in place. Slide them into your hair and over the headband to keep it secure.

Hair Combs

Use jeweler's glue or craft glue to attach a small hair comb to the underside of the headband on each side. These little combs grab onto the hair to help keep the headband in place.

Hair Gel or Hair Spray

To hold a soft or hard headband, add a little gel or firm-hold hair spray to your hair at the spot where the headband will sit on your head. This method causes your hair to stick slightly to the headband, so keep that in mind if you think you'll be removing the headband later and won't be able to touch up your hair.