Short hair's got a lot going for it. Rocking short locks means saving money on shampoo and conditioner and enjoying that wash-and-go effortlessness – and wearing your hair short makes hot, sticky days feel more comfortable. The lack of styling options scares some people away from short hair, and it's true that not every style can be created with a pixie cut or blunt bob. But if your hair is long enough for a ponytail, it's probably long enough to be coaxed into at least one style of bun.

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Start With a Ponytail

Long hair can be swept up and twisted into a bun easily, but that strategy won't work for short hair. Even if you're going for a messy look, start by gathering the hair in a ponytail. Securing the hair with an elastic band gives the bun the structure that it needs so that sections don't fall out. Use a thin band the same color as your hair. The ponytail can be high if the hair is long enough, but a low bun is a better option, because the underside of the hair at the back of the head is generally where the shortest strands are. With a low bun, even short hairs at the back of the neck can stay put.

Method #1: Twist and Spiral

To create a small, neat bun, grab the ponytail and start twirling the entire section around your finger to create one long twist. As the twist gets tighter, the hair may naturally start curling around the base of the ponytail. If not, spiral the twisted hair around the base yourself. Secure the bun with a clear elastic hair band or bobby pins. Shake your head slightly to see if the bun feels secure; if not, redo the twist, add more bobby pins or spray the bun with hair spray.

Method #2: Tease and Pin

Creating a messy bun is ideal for short hair because it's not supposed to look perfect. This style works best for people whose hair can hold some texture. Start by backcombing sections of the ponytailed hair to create more volume. Spray the teased sections with a little bit of hair spray to give the hair some hold. Once the hair is a little puffy and has plenty of height, gently shape it into a messy bun. Slide bobby pins into the base of the bun to keep the hair in place. If the bun has some flyaway hairs, all the better.

Method #3: Use a Donut

Making a "ballerina bun" may actually be easier with short hair than it is with long hair. Achieving this style is easiest with the use of a hair donut, a small cushion that's shaped like a donut. Slip it onto the base of the ponytail, spread out the ponytail so the hair surrounds the cushion and slide a hair band over the entire thing to keep the donut and the hair in place. Tuck the ends under the band.