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There are many curly hair styles for women older than 50. In fact, more older women seem to choose curly styles over straight styles. This may be due to the fact that curly hair looks good on anyone. Women older than 50 often have thinning hair and other problems that a curly hairstyle will easily hide.

Ringlet Curls

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Ringlet curls can look very fashionable and fabulous on older women. This style works best for women who have hair at least 5 inches long. Hair that reaches the jaw line when straight is even better. Rub some mousse into the hair and then make tight curls with a ½- or 1-inch curling iron. Spray the curls with hair spray to hold the curl, then gently run fingers through the hair to loosen the curls to create a natural hairstyle.

Curly Pouf

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A curly pouf is a style usually seen on women older than 60. This style takes the tight curls from the above style, but instead of breaking the curls up with fingers, the hair gets teased into a pouf. This style looks older and classy, rather than youthful, but it is perfect for older women with thinning hair, or for women who need more volume to their hair to prevent the hair from looking flat and stringy.

Soft Waves

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Soft waves can look very elegant on older women. This style can be created with a large curling iron or with hot rollers. With a curling iron, wrap a few stray pieces of hair around the outside of the barrel for a few seconds to create gentle waves. For hot rollers, place the rollers in the hair and then release after 15 minutes. Flip the hair upside down, and break the curls apart with fingers. Scrunch some mousse into the hair or use hairspray to hold the waves throughout the day.

Curls with Bangs

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Sometimes it is difficult to make curly hair look natural with bangs. Either the bangs look straight and out of place in the curls, or the bangs curl so tightly that they become too short. The best way to deal with this problem is to use a curling iron on the bangs. Instead of curling the hair up toward the forehead, twist the bangs to the side over the curling barrel. Use fingers covered in styling pomade or mousse to shape the bangs as desired. The bangs should look slightly curly, but not so curly they look unnatural. A good general rule to remember is the shorter the hair, the less the curl.