How to Use Bendy Hair Curlers

By Sarah Vrba

Bendy hair curlers are made of a soft, flexible foam, which sits gently on the head to create voluminous curls. A basic rolling technique, which starts at the tip of the hair and works its way up to the scalp, and the right amount of tension will help you create that beautiful, bouncy head of hair using bendy hair curlers. These curlers are ideally suited to a slightly longer length of hair because they can remain secure on the head.

Bendy curlers create voluminous, shiny curls.

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Step 1

Part your hair down the middle back of your head into two even sections. Drape each section of hair over your shoulder.

Step 2

Pull out a section of hair near the back of the head that measures between one to two inches, depending on the thickness of your hair. Thicker hair will require rolling smaller sections of hair, while you can roll finer hair in larger chunks.

Step 3

Brush the section of hair with a hairbrush from the roots to the tips. Spray with a setting product from root to tip. Be careful to only lightly spray the section, rather than drenching the hair.

Step 4

Place the bendy curler at the tip of the hair and tuck the tips under the bendy curler. Roll the curler up towards your scalp, keeping a steady tension between the hair roots and the curler.

Step 5

Bend the bendy curler into a "U" shape once the curler hits the scalp. Be sure that the bendy curler hits the scalp. If necessary, bend the curler into a complete "O" shape to hold loose hair in place.

Step 6

Allow hair to set for a few hours. The hair should be completely dry from the setting product before you remove the curlers. To remove the bendy curlers, unbend from the "O" or "U" shape and unwind. Once you have removed all of the bendy curlers, tousle the curls gently with your fingers.