How to Use Bendy Hair Curlers

Bendy hair curlers are made of a soft, flexible foam, and they sit gently on the head to create voluminous curls. A basic rolling technique, starting at the ends and working up to the scalp, and the right amount of tension helps create beautiful, bouncy curls. These curlers work best with longer hair so that they can remain secure on the head.

Part hair down the middle into two even sections. Drape each section of hair over each shoulder.

Grab a section of hair near the back of the head that measures between one to two inches, depending on the thickness of your hair. Thicker hair requires rolling smaller sections, and finer hair can be rolled in larger chunks.

Brush the section of hair from root to tip with a hairbrush, then very lightly spray with a setting product.

Place the bendy curler at the ends of the hair and tuck the ends under the curler. Roll the curler up toward the scalp, keeping a steady tension between the hair roots and the curler.

Once the curler hits the scalp, bend the curler into a “U” shape. Be sure that the curler touches the scalp. If necessary, bend the curler into a complete “O” shape to hold loose hair in place.

Repeat until all sections of hair are in curlers.

Let hair set for a few hours. The hair should be completely dry from the setting product before you remove the curlers.

To remove the curlers, unbend from the “O” or “U” shape and unwind.

Once you've removed all of the curlers, tousle the curls gently with your fingers.


Be sure to brush and spray each section of hair to create smooth and polished curls. Redo any uncomfortable or lopsided bendy curlers before letting the hair set in place.