Hair Rollers

There are many African American males that wear curly hairstyles. Curls are popular with men who have both short and long hair. If your curls aren't quite large enough, you can increase them using rollers or a diffuser. Rollers are best-suited for African American men that have coarse or straight hair. Besides rollers, those with coarse or straight hair can also use a curling or flat iron to increase their curl size. A diffuser works well for men with naturally wavy or loosely curled hair.

Coarse or Straight Hair

Select rollers for your hair. The roller size must not be larger than the length of your hair; your hair should be able to wrap around the roller at least one and a half times. Some of your hair may be longer than other parts; select rollers of different sizes. The larger the roller is, the bigger the curl.

Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Part a section of hair 3 inches long and 1/2 to 1 inch thick.

Apply setting lotion to the section of hair with your hands.

Roll the hair away from the face on the roller. Then repeat the process to roll additional sections of hair.

Blow or air dry the hair. Allow the rollers to stay in the hair until completely dry.

Spritz the rolled hair with hairspray after the hair has dried. Then take down the rollers and gently brush the curls to make them look natural.

Wavy or Curly Hair

Wash and shampoo the hair.

Apply leave-in conditioner into the hair while it is still wet.

Pop on a diffuser, also known as a volumizing attachment, to your blow dryer. A diffuser attachment lifts up the hair and directs air to the roots to add volume. Turn the dryer on medium heat.

Flip your hair upside down or to the side.

Hold the ends of a diffuser to your scalp, and blow dry your hair a section at a time. Move the diffuser in a circular motion while you dry each section.


  • Setting lotion, leave-in conditioner and diffusers are available at beauty supply stores.