Beeswax, used for styling dry or coarse hair

Step 1: Prep your hair

Start with clean, freshly washed hair that is detangled and still damp. Apply a hair product to help set and hold the style based on your hair type. You can use a pomade or nondrying, alcohol-free gel for normal hair. Opt for beeswax, nut butters or natural oils if your hair is dry or coarse. Try using a mixture of a gel and a nut butter, such as shea butter, for both hold and conditioning.

Step 2: Create sections.

Decide on the size of twists you'd prefer. Larger sections create a more casual look and take less time, while smaller sections result in a cleaner look but may take several hours. Section hair with a comb or your fingers as you go.

Step 3: Do the Twist

Starting at the nape of the neck and working up, twist each section of hair around your finger in the direction you want them to curl. Make sure the sections are the same size, evenly spaced and straight to create the most uniform look. Keep working until you've covered your entire head. Fill a spray bottle with water or a mix of water and conditioner to re-wet hair as necessary.

Step 4: Let it dry.

Allow your hair to air dry, and then shake it out gently if desired. Finish with a light coating of hairspray for added hold. Leave your twists in for several days, or wear them for up to two weeks.