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Emo hairstyles convey the individuality and emotionality of the person wearing it. The emo look is a tangent from a punk or gothic style. While there is much variation in the emo hairstyle, the long, fringed, side-swept bangs hanging across the forehead, eyes and face set it apart from other hairstyles. Guys and girls alike wear emo hairstyles with similar bangs. Cutting and styling the bangs yourself is the preferred way for emos to show their creativity.

Wash and blow-dry your hair. Emo hair is straight, so if your hair is curly or frizzy, you need to straighten it, using a blow dryer or flat iron and styling product.

Part your hair on the side that you prefer. The emo look is usually a deep side part, not near the center of the head. To get the hair to part where you want it naturally, shake your head and let the hair fall into a loose side part. Separate and clip the hair on the crown of the head back to keep it out of the way. Later, you will release this hair and it should fall into place off to the side. Right now, you will be focusing on the underlayer or front section of the hairline.

Look in the mirror and comb the bangs straight down. Emo bangs are shorter at the side part and taper longer toward the other side. When you cut the bangs, it will be easier to see what you are doing if the bangs are combed straight down.

Cut the bangs with a razor comb, starting at the side part. The razor comb allows you to cut the hair in a fringed and uneven style with spiky ends. Pick up a small section of bangs right near the side part and make the first cut, fraying it gently with the razor comb. You can make the bang as short as you like, but if it is too short, it might stick up, so longer is better. Continue picking up small sections of hair and fraying the ends with the razor comb, making the bangs longer and longer so you taper down at an angle across your eyes. The bangs will look like a diagonal across your face.

Remove the rest of your hair from the clip and shake your head toward the side. The hair should fall across your forehead and eyes in the emo side-swept style.

Apply a styling product through your bangs. Use your fingertips to smooth the bangs to the side, tapering down over your eyes. This will keep the hair in place.


Keep in mind while you are cutting that emo bangs cover one eye and part of your forehead and face. The bangs should be jagged with different lengths, but tapering longer to one side.

Styling products make emo hairstyles possible for all hair types. If you have frizzy or curly hair, use smoothing lotions, hair wax and anti-frizz gels.

It is popular in the emo style to dye your hair jet black and highlight the bangs in purple or red.

Dye or streak the fringed ends of your hair a different color. If your hair is dark, you can use a red or purple dye on the tips of the bangs. If your hair is blond, choose any color you want.


If you don't feel confident cutting your own hair, have your hair styled in the emo look the first time by a professional stylist. After that, you can maintain the look by cutting it yourself.