Woman cutting hair with scissors, close-up
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Adding bangs to your hairstyle does not require a visit to a pricy salon, and you don't have to sacrifice style for savings. By using the twist technique, you can get textured bangs without worrying about potential bang cutting disasters. This method for cutting your bangs is also good for trimming fringe that looks shaggy or hangs too long. You can twist-cut thin or thick bangs using this same technique. Save time and money by managing your bangs at home in between trips to your hairstylist.

Wash and dry your hair completely before twist cutting. If you cut the hair when it is wet, it will shrink up and shift after it dries, and you could end up with bangs that are too short for the style you desire.

Create a part along your scalp to separate the hair you wish to cut from the hair that should remain long. Use a comb to create the part. Pull back the remaining hair into a ponytail or pin it back with a clip to keep it out of the way.

Brush the bangs out to remove tangles. For curly hair, use a round brush; straight hair needs a flat brush.

Gather bangs together and twist them several times. Avoid pulling down on the hair as you twist, and don't over twist; if you twist too tightly, the results could be bangs that are shorter than you wanted. Hold bangs in place, centered along your nose.

Snip the bangs at the bridge of the nose using sharp hairstyling scissors. If you want to keep the bangs long, cut them at the middle of the nose instead. Cut either above or below the fingers holding the twist, depending on how long you want your bangs and where you positioned your fingers. You can always retwist and cut again if you want to go shorter. It's better to trim a little a few times to get the style you want than end up with bangs that are uncomfortably short.

Shake the cut hair free. Arrange the bangs with your fingers. Use the hairstyling scissors to snip vertically into your hair if you desire textured ends.


Some people create long bangs along the sides of the scalp to blend the hair into the longer section. You may need a stylist's help for this.