how to cut the front of men's hair

Cutting the front of a man's hair creates a polished look. Using two methods -- twisted and lifted -- you can create a layered hairstyle that makes the hair appear neat, while using layers to hide scissor cuts. Both methods ensure the front of a man's hair is not cut too short, since you are snipping at layers, not cutting chunks.

Scissors and Fingers

Comb your hair the way you would style it on a daily basis. If you have bangs, brush them forward to where you would place them.

Place a paper towel on your vanity or if someone else is cutting your hair, hold the paper towel in your lap. You'll catch the pieces of hair in the paper towel in order to reduce the mess on your floors and counter tops.

Spread the fingers of your non-dominant hand out. If you have someone else cutting your hair, this person should also extend his or her fingers.

Place the palm of your extended non-dominant hand against your forehead and move your hand upwards with your bangs going in-between your fingers. If you have someone else cutting your hair, have him or her do the same. Once the hair is between the fingers, keep your hand open but bring the fingers close together.

Take the scissors in your free hand and snip the ends of the bangs with the scissors pointing up and tipped at a 45-degree angle. Occasionally lay the hair down to check the length. By placing the hair between the fingers and snipping at it, you give the hair natural-looking layers. Ideally, trim between 3 to 5 cm at a time in order to ensure the right length. Place the cut bits of hair on the paper towel for easy cleanup.

Fluff the hair with your hands to remove excess trimmings, then brush and style your hair once cutting is complete.

Twist Method

Prepare your hair cutting area by laying a paper towel down and putting your scissors where it is easy to reach. Be prepping the area, you will not have to look for your accessories while cutting hair.

Brush your hair in the direction you want it to fall and style it as you do normally. Do not use hair gels or hair sprays as you do not want crunchy hair while you are cutting it.

Grab one-inch sections of hair in the front toward the forehead. Start near the left or right ear and work your way toward the opposite ear. Twist each section tightly only leaving the ends free. If twisted correctly, the ends should fan out.

Cut the fanned portion of the twisted hair, making sure the scissors are pointed up and at a 45-degree angle when trimming the fanned area. When cutting, only trim 2 to 4 cm of hair to ensure you're not trimming too much. Continue cutting each twisted and fanned one-inch section until the front of the hair is the length you desire.

Brush your hair to remove excess hair pieces. If you brush your hair backward then forward, you can remove the extra pieces better. Style your hair as usual.


Snip at your hair instead of cutting it in large chunks. If you snip at it, you are more likely to achieve the desired length whereas if you cut the hair in large chunks, you may cut the hair too short.


Do not wet your hair before cutting it. Water causes the hair to expand, making it look longer. When hair dries, it shrinks. If you cut your hair while it is wet, you may cut areas shorter than intended.