How to Cut a Medium Shag Into Your Own Hair Using a Ponytail on Top of the Head

By Ann Goss

The ponytail haircut saves time and money by allowing you to cut your hair at home. Providing you have sharp haircutting scissors available, the cut is incredibly easy to do and takes seconds. Always perform this cut right after washing and conditioning your hair when the hair has not had time to dry or form curls or waves. The end result is a blunt, layered cut that suits all ages and many face shapes.

Cut your hair when it is still damp but not dripping wet.

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Step 1

Wash your hair and condition it with an intensive care conditioner. Make sure you leave the conditioner on your hair for the required time instructed in the directions. Wrap a towel around your hair to quickly remove excess water. The hair should be damp and not wet when cut.

Step 2

Stand in front of a mirror and pull a strand of hair toward your shoulder. Let the natural curl appear and determine the hair length you want after the cut. Use the ruler to measure the amount of hair you need to remove to achieve the desired length.

Step 3

Bend at the waist so that your head is toward the floor. Comb the hair to remove tangles and pull all hair to the top of your head if you want a bob, or toward the forehead for an angled cut. Secure the hair into a tight ponytail using one ponytail holder. Secure a second ponytail holder halfway down the ponytail.

Step 4

Hold the ponytail straight while looking in a mirror. Slide the second ponytail holder down the ponytail, stopping when you reach the desired hair length as measured in Step 2. Double check the length you plan to cut, using the ruler as a guide.

Step 5

Cut the hair, using the edge of the second ponytail holder as a guide for a straight line. Do not hack or saw at the hair or you will damage the ends. Make straight cuts with the tips of the scissors, cutting slowly until you have cut off the entire end of the ponytail.

Step 6

Remove the ponytail holder and shake out the hair. Style as desired.