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The right hairstyle can give you a modern, updated look regardless of your age. A frequently chosen hairstyle for women over the age of 50 is the wedge. Wedge hairstyles can be worn very short or at mid-length and can be cut at angles to complement the features of the wearer.

Short-Angled Wedge

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Short-angled wedge styles are typically layered to create an edgy, low-maintenance cut and first gained popularity in the 1970s. To achieve a short-angled wedge cut, the hair located closest to the back of the head and the nape of the neck is cut short. The hair is layered and tapered at longer lengths as you get closer to the top of the head and the crown area. Once finished, the hair should be very short in the back and longer on the top and front of the head. This look works well without bangs or with sharply angled bangs that can be swept to the side.

Short-Layered Wedge

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The layered wedge, sometimes referred to as the pixie cut, works well on oval, oblong, square and triangular face shapes and medium to thick hair. To achieve the look, the hair is cut short to the nape of the neck using a razor. Mid-length layers are then cut around the crown of the head to add height. Most short-layered wedge cuts are styled with bangs, which can be worn down at the top of the forehead or swept off to the side and secured with a clip or barrette.

Classic Short Wedge

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The classic short wedge cut is the most common of all of the wedge styles. To achieve the classic short wedge style, the hair is first cut very short in the back, with longer layers cut at the top and sides of the head. Using a razor, the hair is then layered again to add dimension and height to the top and sides. Classic short wedge styles can be styled with gel to create a spiky look or combed into a zigzag pattern to create a look of height to the hair and held in place with a light misting of firm-holding hair spray.