If your face is as wide as it long, and you have full cheeks and a soft, rounded chin, there are lots of haircuts that you can pull off. But if your hair also happens to be fine, you might feel like you don't have a clue what to do to reach your hair goals. No worries. The only rule: Avoid chin-length haircuts since they have a tendency to accentuate roundness. Other than that, you can either go with a cropped cut or let your hair grow out super long.

Beauty in the mirror

Get Long, Luxurious Layers

A cut with long layers is one of the best styles for fine hair and a round face. It adds volume to fine, limp hair and elongates a round face shape, making it look narrower, thinner and more refined. Long layers taper the curvy angles of a round face, while the alternating lengths give much-needed body to fine hair so it looks thicker and fuller. Do not attempt to cut your own hair. Leave it to a professional stylist for best results. Tell your hairstylist to not take off too much length; ideally, layers should be about two inches or more below the shoulder.

Rock a Shag Cut

A shag cut has a similar effect as long layers, but it works well for medium-length hair. Also, it's very rock ’n’ roll. The ideal length for a shag cut is anywhere below the chin to the shoulder. Achieve it by getting short, wispy layers cut throughout the hair, especially at the crown to achieve height. A flat crown only brings attention to the full cheeks of a round face. Short layers add volume and texture to fine hair. Ask your stylist to give you uneven, choppy layers in the front and back. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, keep the shaggy layers longer to avoid extra frizz. Maintain this style by getting the ends trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Go Wavy With Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs give a round-shaped face more definition than a middle part or blunt-cut bangs, which both draw emphasis to the width of the face. Gentle, loose waves give boost, body and definition to fine hair, especially if it's straight. To achieve this style, part your hair about an inch away from your natural middle, and brush to the left or right. Use a curling iron with an inch-wide barrel to create loose waves throughout your hair. Do not curl your bangs, but add texture by flipping them slightly inward or outward with the curling iron.