the best haircut for fine curly hair

Before deciding on a new haircut for your fine, curly hair, make sure you know exactly what fine hair even is. A common misconception is that fine hair is "thin" hair, but this is not necessarily the case because the "fine" relates to the diameter of a single strand of hair. This means that someone can have fine hair that looks very thick, because they have many strands per square inch of hair. Fine hair that is also curly may narrow down your haircut options, but it is still possible to choose from a variety of different styles.

The Bob

A bob is the one haircut that suits all hair types and textures, as there are so many variations of it to choose from. For a low-maintenance bob for your curly hair, ask your stylist to cut your hair to just below chin length or longer. Don't forget to take into account your face shape, though. Round and heart-shaped faces look better with longer bobs. To enhance your hair's natural curl, have some layers cut into your bob. Think about your lifestyle when you choose your bob haircut. You may want to have the option of tying your hair back. If so, just above shoulder length is probably as short as you can go.

The Chop

The chop is a variation on the classic bob. Its irregular ends give it a modern twist. The chop gives style and shape to fine hair. Opt for a longer-length bob to make it low maintenance for curly hair. A blunt cut is harder to keep looking good when your hair is fine and curly. Stay away from bangs with your chop haircut unless you are prepared to put in a great deal of effort and time — they are far easier to keep looking good on naturally straight, thick hair than on fine, curly hair.

The Crop

The crop is a brave choice but can work on fine, curly hair if you have the right face shape. A really short, tapered cut works best on small, slim faces. Even though a crop is so short, it actually requires just as much — if not more — maintenance than a longer cut. You will need to use a conditioner for curly hair to stop it from drying out, and then a finishing product specifically designed for fine hair to help keep the shape and stop your natural curls, making it look messy.

The Layered Mid-Length

Fine hair is best suited to cuts that are shoulder length or shorter, any longer and it can be difficult to maintain body. Ask your stylist for a subtle diagonal-forward-moving line at the sides and a few light layers to provide volume (but not too many layers, as this can make fine hair look thin). This cut is great for fine, curly hair as it is so versatile. Blow-dry your hair straight and use a finishing product specifically designed for fine hair to create a sleek look. Alternatively, maximize your natural curls by using a diffuser when you dry your hair, or simply turn your head upside down when blow drying and scrunch your hair in your hands. Adding a curl-boosting product to towel-dried hair before you style — it will help create the same effect. Again, use one that is specially made for fine hair. Products for other hair types may weigh you hair down and make it look flat, regardless of your natural curl. Make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly to keep the shape and prevent straggly ends.