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An inverted bob is a hairstyle in which the pieces at the back of the scalp are shorter than those in the front. Some celebrities who have sported this look include Jenny McCarthy and Victoria Beckham. If you've cut this style for your hair and want to grow it out, some techniques can help make the process pain free.


Adding some bangs to your hair can shorten up the pieces around your face, which are typically the longest pieces in an inverted bob. You can choose a blunt cut of bangs across your forehead or side-swept bangs at each side of your face, depending on your preference. This solves the problem of the longest pieces of the bob.


As you wait for some of the shorter pieces in the back of the bob to grow out, you may end up with some awkward long pieces toward the front. Using pins to pull these pieces back can help the situation. Gather the awkward pieces and pin them either to the side of your face or straight back at the center of your crown.


Ask your stylist to add some angles around your face as you wait for the short hair at the back to grow out. Angles around your face can create some balance with the shorter pieces, as the angles create shorter locks around your face as well. This is an ideal alternative if you don't want to cut bangs.

Evening Out

Once the shorter pieces of the bob at the back of your head are at a length you want your whole style to be, it's time to even it out in the front. Have your stylist cut the hair to one length all the way around, using the back pieces of the bob as a guide for how long all of the locks need to be.