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Hairstyle books typically found in salons show few hairstyles for seniors. These books usually feature hairstyles for younger women and children. For this reason, mature women frequently turn to the Internet for inspiration when it comes to their hair. In general, hairstyles that flatter seniors should complement their skin tone, face shape and hair texture--the same rule applies at any age. Just because a woman is older than 65 does not mean she cannot pull off a hip, stylish haircut.

The Bob

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According to Hair, in the 1920s, the bob was all the rage. This short, one-length haircut was popular with all ages, from children through senior citizens, and is still being worn today. Hair is cut straight around the head either just above the ears or just below them, near the jaw-line, depending on an individual’s preference. Some women prefer bangs with their bob, others do not. It’s a classic look that remains popular today, especially for seniors. It requires minimal maintenance and little styling products, such as gel or mouse. The bob flatters the faces of most women regardless of their age.

The Pixie

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Mature women looking for a hairstyle with a modern look and flair should consider a pixie. A pixie is a very short hairstyle that is easy to wear. The hairstyle frames the face with sections of hair cut in short and long layers. It’s a versatile style that allows a woman to change its look with the aid of a few styling products, going from a soft, sophisticated look to a spiky one to add a touch of attitude. The cut is good for hair of various colors, including gray. A pixie accentuates a woman’s facial features and can have a thinning effect. It’s a sophisticated, easy-to-manage haircut ideal for seniors who want a contemporary look.

Layered Hairstyle

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A layered hair cut is another good option for mature women. Women wanting to wear their hair a little longer than a bob or pixie can depth and dimension with layers. Layers create a softer look to one’s locks. Adding layers is a trouble-free way to update a traditional all-one-length hairstyle. Longer layers allow women to add curl for volume. Shorter layers left straight provide a classy look for an evening on the town or luncheon with the ladies. It’s a maintainable style that suits just about anybody, but especially seniors.