Almost every woman has pondered the age-old question: Should I get bangs? It is kind of a commitment. Sometimes they can have a subtle effect, but in a lot of cases, they can change your look dramatically. Blunt bangs are very cool on some face shapes but can be harsh on others. Soft side bangs, on the other hand, can be super flattering on most faces. Here's how to tell whether or not you'd look good in bangs based on the shape of your face and the size of your forehead.

Face a mirror and pull all your hair away from your face with a headband.

Check your hairline. If you have a receding hairline, bangs might be a good idea for you.

Note the length of your forehead. Bangs can hide an irregularly long forehead. If you have a short forehead, bangs could emphasize this feature even more, so bangs cut straight across most likely won't flatter your face. Consider long side bangs instead.

Figure out if your face shape is round, oval, rectangular, heart, square, triangle or diamond. Different shapes are best suited to certain styles of bangs.

  • Oval: Side bangs flatter this face shape. Avoid blunt bangs cut straight across, because they cover up your well-balanced facial features.
  • Rectangular: You can wear wispy straight-across bangs and side bangs. Avoid blunt bangs, which can emphasize the squareness of the jawline.
  • Round: Off-center, long to medium-length side bangs can make the face appear less round. Avoid straight-across bangs because they emphasize roundness.
  • Square: Wispy bangs and off-center side bangs flatter this face shape. Avoid blunt, straight-across bangs because they emphasize the square jawline.
  • Heart: A heart-shaped face has wide temples and a small chin. Blunt bangs emphasize the wideness of the temples and can make your face look off-balance. Off-center wispy bangs are the way to go because they add new angles to the face.
  • Triangular: You can wear straight-across bangs, wispy bangs, blunt bangs or side bangs to balance out the jawline.
  • Diamond: You can also wear any style of bangs because the face is dramatic yet balanced.

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