How to Tell If You Look Good With Bangs

By Marianne Luke

Bangs can be a dramatic or subtle change to your hairdo, depending on the style you are going for. You can tell whether or not you would look good in bangs based on the shape of your face and the size of your forehead. Although straight-across bangs can be harsh on some face shapes, soft side bangs can flatter most faces. Once you decide what style of bangs you would like, determine how long your bangs should be and how thick.

Wispy side bangs flatter most face shapes.

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Step 1

Face a mirror and pull all your hair away from your face with a headband.

Step 2

Observe your hairline. If you have a receding hairline or blemishes, bangs can cover these up and might be a good idea for you.

Step 3

Observe the length of your forehead. Bangs can hide an irregularly long forehead. Be careful if you have a short forehead, because bangs could emphasize this feature even more. If you have a short forehead, straight-across bangs will most likely not flatter your face; consider long side bangs.

Step 4

Study your face shape: does it resemble an oval, rectangular, heart, square, triangle or diamond, or is it round? Different types of bangs can flatter different face shapes.

Step 5

Oval face shapes should avoid blunt straight across bangs because they cover up your well-balanced facial features. Side bangs flatter this face shape.

Step 6

Rectangular face shapes can wear wispy straight-across bangs and side bangs. Blunt bangs can emphasize the squareness of the jaw line -- avoid that.

Step 7

Round face shapes should avoid straight-across bangs because they emphasize the roundness of the face. Off-center long to medium-length side bangs can take away from the roundness of the face, flattering it.

Step 8

Square face shapes should also avoid blunt straight-across bangs because they emphasize the square jaw line. Wispy bangs and off-center side bangs flatter this face shape.

Step 9

The heart face shape has wide temples and a small chin. Blunt bangs emphasize how wide the temple is and can make your face look off-balance. Because of this, off-center wispy bangs are the way to go because they add new angles to the face.

Step 10

If you have a triangular face shape you can wear straight-across bangs, wispy bangs, blunt bangs or side bangs. This is because the goal is to take emphasis off, and balance out, the jaw line.

Step 11

Diamond-shaped faces can also wear any bang style because the face is dramatic yet balanced.