hairstyles for plump faces and short necks

If you have a round face and a short neck, the last thing you will want is a hairstyle that works against your features. Choose a style that does not hide your features, but instead accents them.


Layers are excellent for individuals who want to add a bit of volume to their hair. If you have shoulder-length hair or longer it is best to have your hairdresser start long layers just below your chin. Doing this will make your face and neck appear narrower.

Sweep bangs

Sweep or long bangs are great if you are happy with the length of your hair but want to add something dramatic to your style. Sweep bangs look best for round faces if they are cut starting at about eye level.

Tapered ends

A tapered cut is ideal for someone who wants a trim or a lot of hair cut off. A blunt cut will not be flattering for someone with a round face, but a tapered cut will give the hair a nice and natural look. If you are planning on a dramatic haircut, avoid cutting any higher than where your jaw starts. Jaw-length hair or shorter will accentuate your short neck and round face.