On a daily basis, it might be a struggle to maneuver your hair into a style that looks just right. Your ponytail is bumpy, your bangs are flat, your curls just won't cooperate. Just one shampoo can change everything. But if your haircut itself isn't right for your face shape, it's hard to look your best even on a good hair day. Start with the right cut, then nail the perfect style. Long, thin hair isn't a good fit for a long or thin face. For your face shape, choose a hairstyle that has plenty of movement.

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Cut Bangs for Straight Hair

If your hair is fine and straight and won't hold a curl, adding volume – which counteracts the length of the face by adding width at the sides – is tough on a daily basis. So instead, focus on minimizing the length or narrowness of the face by adding bangs. Don't go for short, pixie bangs, which may look undersized on you. Get bangs that just brush the eyebrows, with longer pieces at the temples, and ask your stylist to cut long layers in your hair.

Pump Up the Curls

Waves and curls can be perfect for a long or thin face, as long as they don't add much volume on top of the head. A hairstyle that's sleek on top and turns into bouncy curls or soft waves from the temples down is better. Getting the right haircut is key because it's possible for this look – flat on top and curly on the sides – to end up looking like a triangle, and that's not what you want. Get lots of layers cut into the hair, which should help a curly hairdo look full without being blunt at the ends. Part the hair on one side.

Try a Blunt Bob

A haircut that ends right below the jaw is perfect for balancing out a long or thin face. This cut works well for many hair types, although it's not the best for anyone with voluminous curly hair. But for straight or wavy hair, a straight bob with few or no layers is a workable style. Add blunt or side-swept bangs to balance your proportions even more.

Create a Low, Messy Bun

A high bun only adds height to a long face, but done correctly, a low bun can minimize that length. The key is for it to pull out some pieces to frame the face. If the hair is straight, use a curler to add some wave to these pieces.

Embrace Something Asymmetrical

An uneven style is a dynamic look that can draw the eye away from any facial features you're not thrilled about. That could mean choosing a daring cut that leaves the hair longer on one side than it is on the other, or it could just mean wearing all your hair pushed to one side and braided over one shoulder. And again, bangs are your friend. Even if you can't commit to an asymmetrical cut, try cutting long bangs that sweep across the forehead and can almost be tucked behind one ear.