By Lisa DiVirgilio

A flattering cut is one that compliments your facial shape. For those who have long, narrow faces, using curls, full-body styles and different bangs styles helps to add fullness to the face while making it appear shorter. By using styling tricks, you can drastically change your appearance and boost your self-confidence in little to no time.

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Shorter Hairstyles

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A shorter hairstyle that incorporates waves and jagged layers is often flattering for narrow or long faces. The layers add fullness around the face, making your face appear wider. When doing shorter styles with longer faces, it is best to always add bangs. The bangs help to hide some of the forehead, making your face appear shorter. If you're not ready to take the full plunge and cut blunt bangs into your style, try side-swept bangs. These look good on almost anyone and are easy to style and long enough to pin back.

Medium-Length Hairstyles

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Shoulder length to 1 to 2 inches below shoulder length is a great look for narrow or long faces only when layers and fullness are added. The longer the hair the more narrow the face will look, so you need to break up the cut with layers. You never want to style this haircut to be sleek straight. This will not compliment your facial shape and will only make it appear longer and more narrow than it is. Instead, go for beachy waves by taking 1-inch sections and twisting them around a medium-size curling iron but not clamping down hair. Keep hair wrapped around the iron for about 45 seconds. Repeat this around the head. Then run your fingers through your hair a few times get the waves. Use hair spray to set your style and you're gorgeously good to go!

Longer Hairstyles

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Long hairstyles are really not recommended for long, narrow faces. The longer the hair, the longer the face will look. This is because when your eyes look at the face, they incorporate the hair as part of it. So if you have hair down to the middle of your back and you're wearing it in the front, it makes your face seem even more longer than it is.

However, if you can't part with your long hair, you can add major layers to compensate for the length. This will not only help to take some weight off of the style to boost fullness but will also give the illusion that you have a shorter face because of the major-body style you'll be sporting. Adding bangs is a definite plus because it will create the illusion that you have a shorter face. Try doing some blunt bangs to see a major difference. Blunt bangs that hang almost parallel with the eyebrow are really in right now.

Hair Product

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Always using a collagen hairstyle product. These help to add fullness to your hair no matter what the style is. The collagen bonds to individual hair strands and really gives you a lift.


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Never part your hair down the middle if you have a longer, narrow face! It will make your face appear longer. To give the illusion of a shorter face and give your style more fullness, always part your hair to one side. Whether you do a dramatic one side part or just a few strands over, you'll really notice a difference in your appearance with the side part.