Why do my bangs stick up?
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If anyone ever tells you that they wake up in the morning with perfect bangs…They. Are. Lying.

Sure, when bangs are cooperating, they are magical. They make you look more fun, more chic, more romantic, more put together—but that's when they're not sticking up, flying away, frizzing out, or stuck to your forehead.

The truth is that banging bangs require at least a little commitment and maintenance on your part—but maybe not as much as you think. With the right tools and a few tricks of the trade, you can reap all the fringe benefits.

Give them a wash

There are lots of compelling reasons not to wash your hair every day. Bangs make that tricky, though, because they get oily pretty fast, especially after a workout. Here’s a simple workaround: When you’re washing your face, give your bangs a quick shampoo too. “This is my favorite cheat because you don't have to style the rest of your hair!” says celebrity stylist Liana Le. “It's a quick shortcut for the girl running back to work.”

Blow dry right away

Blow dry your sopping wet bangs right after you wash them or get out of the shower. (Once they start to air dry, they’re already conspiring against you.) For the best results, you’ll need a hairdryer with a nozzle and a small, round, boar-bristle brush. Aim the nozzle straight down the bangs from the root and brush to the left, then to the right, and finally straight down to banish kinks and cowlicks.

Get a complimentary trim

Hair grows about half an inch every month, and when those bangs start stabbing your eyeballs, you might be tempted to take out the tiny scissors and have at them. However, most salons offer complimentary (ahem, professional) bang trims in between your regular cuts. Take advantage of this to keep your fringe feeling manageable and fresh. According to Le, "Keeping up with the bangs of your dreams means seeing your stylist at least every two or three weeks.”

Go for the side sweep

Hairstylist Christian Wood says the side-swept bang is the look for 2019. Aside from being totally on trend, side-swept bangs (a.k.a “the low-maintenance bang”) work with any hair length and effortlessly blend in with the layers around your face. They’re also the easiest to style.

Roll them up

This is a surprising hair hack you might not have in your arsenal (yet) because it’s a little old school. According to hairstylist Sloane Sera, "a Velcro roller can be your best friend" by making fringe fuller and more manageable. Her tip: After blow drying, collect bangs into one section and wrap it around the roller. Wait a few minutes (or speed set with the hair dryer), unroll, and press bangs down with your hand. Done.

Spritz with dry shampoo

“It's all about keeping your bangs from looking greasy, oily, and flat,” says celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. “Add the tiny step of dry shampooing your bangs before leaving the house. This is a preventive step and only takes a few seconds.”

Dry shampoo is also great for touchups throughout the day or after work. Simply spritz and tease it through with your fingertips. Unlike hairspray (which can leave your bangs overly stiff and shiny), dry shampoo gives you just enough texture and grip to restyle.

Bye-bye bad bangs.